Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why consider consistency when designing your website?

Consistency remains the key in a website design that can offer best user experience and improved conversion rates. Consistency not only deals with the management of color schemes all across the website or use of same fonts but it also entails making the behavior of the website consistent.

Aesthetic consistency
In order to make sure that the page templates on the website have logical look and feel can make the whole website look very professional. Your visitors will not wonder why things have changed and even if they are still present on the same website. The leftover web pages from the old website version give an outdated look and may lead the visitors to believe that the information present is out of date or inaccurate.

The ideal way to make sure that you achieve aesthetic consistency in your website design is to keep it simple. Using appropriate color schemes and size intensity can help in creating the desired variation but you must not introduce something odd that might cause the visitors to leave your website.

Behavior consistency
Most people visit new websites for improving their learning. Once your users have understood how something on your website works, they can use it much quickly and their user experience improves. However; if the rules of your website are changing rapidly or are not consistent can make it look illogical.
For improving the behavior consistency, keep the key elements like menus, buttons look alike in terms of size, color and order. In this way users will be able to know them at a glance and will not need to think more.

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