Monday, April 21, 2014


Logos carry immense powers in representing the image of a brand in an exciting way. They build associations and help customers in making a strong bond with a particular brand. Logo is basically an emblem that is used to represent a brand. Logos have such a significant role because they become part of a customer’s memory. People don’t just stay associated with brand through logos; they also place great emphasis on buying products with an original logo. It certainly makes them extremely satisfied.

Designing a logo is not a simple task as it requires careful composition and excellent crafting skills to deliver the desired message to the viewers.

There are three types of logos that are used by businesses all over the world to build a road to their recognition among the viewers.

Font style logos:  These logos are made of custom font styled letters. Although simple, these logos are easy to remember and design. Major examples include DELL, Google, Samsung etc.

Illustrative logos: These logos reflect the products/services offered by the company to make the users familiar with the company’s offerings. Burger King Logo is an excellent example of illustrative logo with an image reflecting the offerings of a fast food restaurant. 

Unique symbol Logos: These logos are very unique as they have no visual meanings and are a perfect example of creativity. Adidas three striped logo is an ideal example of a unique symbol, encouraging people to pursue the heights of quality while purchasing the sports products. 

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