Sunday, May 4, 2014

Website Design: Critical Elements

Converting audience in to leads

Every website owner wants to improve the exposure of the website and convert traffic in to leads. The conversion is only possible if along with other elements, the website design is developed keeping in view the key factors.

Following is a guide to convert the traffic into lead.

Headline should be perfect

A user is interested to know what the website is offering within few seconds. Always keep your headline very simple and to the point. It should clarify the users within no time.

Sub-headline should be valuable

The audience are interested to know about your offerings. Make sure that your sub-headlines should bring great value instead of merely talking about yourself.

Include CTAs

Always include various call to actions to help turn the prospects in to customers. At least three call to actions must be included on the home page to gauge the audience interest.

Testimonials build confidence

Users are vitally interested to know your experience in the field and nothing can display it more concretely than the testimonials. Make the quotes of customers very real by including their images to magnify the trust of audience.


Keep navigation simple

Users like simple navigation and the structure should be simplified to maintain the audience interest. Make the navigation clear and visible at the home page.

Visuals work best

People love visuals as they are easy to understand and can drive more interest. So bring in more creativity by including excellent visuals and info graphics to achieve the desired results.

Content offering

Content will set the tone for your website's home page. Consider including great quality content and follow latest trends for best results. Include eBooks, Tutorials and guides to make a strong impact on the users.

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